The Superb is so good that it should be listed in the dictionary under ‘all-rounder’. The pricing of this limousine-like model defies belief, with so much room in the back you might feel tempted to change your wardrobe and don a smart black suit. Its size, torquey engines and smooth manual or automatic gearboxes make the Superb a superlative tow car, and it’s in its element on the motorway. If you aren’t an SUV enthusiast, the Superb is a great antidote and yet still hugely spacious.
Price Ј22,120 to Ј37,625 Trim levels S, SE, SE L Executive, SportLine, SportLine Plus, Laurin & Klement Engines 1.6 diesel (118bhp), 2.0 diesel (148bhp), 2.0 diesel (188bhp) Engines 5-door hatchback and 5-door estate CO2 emissions 101 to 137g/km Combined fuel economy 54.3 to 72.4mpg