If Skoda’s winning formula is to offer more for less, then the Kodiaq SUV is its crowning glory. Despite undercutting key rivals, the big Skoda offers more performance and practicality at a lower price and with smaller running costs. This fiveand seven-seater drives brilliantly, comes with the option of advanced four-wheel drive to keep you going and is filled to the roof rails with clever features like pop-out door protectors. Certain to be an absolute favourite with caravanners, the Kodiaq is a rock solid choice from the sums in the showroom to reversing a boat trailer down an algae covered slipway. It’s our favourite large SUV.
Price Ј28,490 to Ј37,450 Trim levels SE, SE L, Scout, SportLine, Edition Engines 2.0 diesel (148bhp), 2.0 diesel (188bhp) Engines 5-door SUV CO2 emissions 131 to 151g/km Combined fuel economy 49.6 to 56.5mpg